Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome to LIFE ASSESSMENT MINISTRIES. John Livingston Clark gives you a hearty welcome to my blog. Here you will find biblical and practical life assessment. Life Assessment Ministries is focused on helping Christian young adults, ages 18-25, give or take a year, build a firm foundation for getting life right the first time, in 12 areas. People assess their vehicles, homes, and property. Why not do the same for your life? Find out what is working and what is not. Discover problem areas that are keeping you from moving forward in your life. For seminars contact LIFE ASSESSMENT MINISTRIES at P.O. Box 616, Zillah, WA 98953, call 509-830-4024, or email


     Here are the 12 Life Assessment Areas:

     1. Your Source of Belief.
     2. Deal With and Dump Your Past.
     3. Forgiveness.
     4. Self-esteem.
     5. Success and prosperity.
     6. Marriage, Family, and Relationships.
     7. Money and Giving.
     8. Religion and Church Attendance.
     9. God's General Will and Purpose For All Believers.
   10. Life Calling and Passion For You Individually.
   11. Lordship and Discipleship.
   12. Know What You Believe and Why.

     Here is a sample of the content and format that would be used in seminars. It would involve discussion, small groups, and self-evaluation.



         * Some denominational teachings.
         * Legalism.
         * Biblical illiteracy.
         * Bible verses taken out of context.
         * Lack of proper biblical interpretation.
         * Not believing the Bible to be inspired or that it can be taken literally.
         * Cults and other human philosophies.


         The Bible must be your source of all beliefs. It must be above all church tradition or programmed denominational teaching. It must be the one and only source by which all other belief systems are evaluated. The Bible is a trusted manuscript for living one's life as God intended and for one's assurance of eternal salvation. It is the source of divinely-inspired absolute truth and the evidence supporting divine inspiration is overwhelming, and has been accepted by millions of people down through the centuries, as their "textbook for life." However, it must be interpreted using proper principles of interpretation, not just by human opinion. All of the other 11 building blocks for GETTING LIFE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME are based on this cornerstone.


 Psalm 119: 105, II Timothy 3:16-17, and II Peter 1:20-21


     1. If you choose to not have the Bible as your source of truth, then what is your source and how credible is it? What kind of results is it bringing in your life?

     2. Do you believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God? Why or why not?

     3.  What beliefs have influenced your thinking the most, home, school, church, or a combination of these?

     4.  If the Bible is your source, make one Bible reading goal.

     5.  How did you do on the self-test?






  1. Life assessment is about making "mid-course corrections." This phrase comes from the time when the astronauts went to the moon in the sixties and seventies. They had to adjust their trajectory a few degrees. If they didn't they would get off course with possible tragic consequences. The same is true with life. If you get too far off course in any of the 12 areas there can be very negative results. These "mid-course corrections" of life consist of three main parts: having a source of absolute, divinely-inspired truth, dealing with one's emotional past, and moving ahead into a future of victory, value, and vision. A good time to make these corrections is in the young adult age because you are going through a transition period that will effect your life for years to come.

  2. Young people, this is such an important time in your life. Don't allow it to be wasted. Set up goals and time frames for your life. Do some dreaming as to where you might want to see your life when you reach the big 30 mark. I believe that 25 is a defining age. You ought to be pretty well settled with what you are going to do with your life by that time and have some sort of steady income to support yourself and others, if you get married. If you reach 30 and you are still foundering through life with no direction, like being in an ocean, goals, or time frames, something is seriously wrong. You must take responsibility for your life. Talk to you later.

  3. I was talking to a young man a few months ago when, in reference to getting started right with one's life, he said, "No one is showing us how." To a large degree, that is sadly true. We allow our teens to go out the door into the adult world of work, marriage, relationships, and college, many times without giving them principles on which to base their life and to experience success. There are definite things to consider when starting out with life. Here are some of them.

    1. Do an honest self-assessment of your skills and things you enjoy.
    2. Don't choose an occupation based solely on how much money it pays. It must be something that you know you are going to enjoy.
    3. Know some principles of how to make a marriage work. Don't just think that because you fall in love with someone that a marriage will last.
    4. College does not guarantee success in life. Success is an attitude.
    5. Success should never be determined by level of income or material possessions. It is a never-ending journey of becoming the best you. It is not a destination.
    6. Come up with ways that you can make a difference in the lives of others.
    7. Have marketable skills so that you can provide for a spouse and family.
    8. Have a vision for your life that goes beyond simply having an occupation.

    In other words, if you want to get started right with life, you don't leave it to chance. You have a plan. You have definite mindsets. You launch out with the end in view and then implement steps to get you there. Talk to you later.